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Best of the Best Upstate Showcase 2021-2022


Last1 Best1 and Bay Area Hoops LLC comes together to bring you the best EXPOSURE SHOWCASE in the Upstate area. 


This event will put High School Boys talents on display in front of credible NATIONAL SCOUTS & TRAINERS. You'll be provided the opportunity to showcase your talents and compete against some of the best players from the surrounding areas.


 Media and Scouts:


  •         Bay Area Hoops LLC

  •         Baseline to Sideline

  •         John Lucas Elite Camp

  •         NBPA


*There will be invited D1 DII, DIII, NAIA and JUCO programs. D1 programs will get a scouting report.

*Video highlights and Camera services will be in attendance.


Reginald Burke Sr.

*National scout for Bay Area Hoops LLC

* National Scout for John Lucas Elite Invitational.

*National Scout for John Lucas Elite HS Invitational

*National Scout for John Lucas  International Middle School Combine

*National Scout for all Metro Hoops

Darnell Johnson

*National Scout for John Lucas Elite HS invitational 

*National Scout for John Lucas Middle School Combine.

*NBPA Top 100 Comittee

*National Scout for All Metro Hoops

*National Scout for John Lucas Girls top 160 invitational.

No upcoming events at the moment
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