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We are ecstatic that you made it to our page! Our program has truly been blessed by our followers and the ones who believe in our mission. Our duty is to reach into each player and make a difference in their lives on and off of the court. Although numerous players from our program have gone on to play basketball at the collegiate/professional level, it is also our goal to help mold and grow the minds and characters of each player to prepare them for whatever their future has in store!


Coach Q at one of Last1Best1 Kids 1,000 point game!

Quintin Redfern, Director/Head Trainer

Quintin "Coach Q" Redfern, is A premier basketball trainer in Western New York. Over the years, Redfern has been working with basketball players on their skill development and basketball IQ. He has helped hundreds of young basketball players throughout New York State hone their skill sets to reach the next level within them. It is his plan to continue to lead by example, do God's work and touch each young players lives for years to come.

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